Black On White

Hosts Abe Thompson and Rick Roberts bring their unique talents, diverse backgrounds, and strident opinions to the fore in this hot-topic discussion show. Whatever the subject is – race and immigration, international affairs, local politics, or even celebrity antics and the week’s weirdest stories from around the world – all are dissected and skewered with wit, intelligence and personal insights.

Prestigious guests from various fields will join in with the good conversation, a live studio audience will be encouraged to weigh in with their opinions, and the public will also contribute through phone calls and emails via the website. Liberals and conservatives alike will be exposed and challenged to recognize the history and logic behind their ideological positions. Thanks to the smooth moderating of Rick and Abe, the debate will always be as hilarious as it is heated.

With the feel somewhere between ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’, ‘The Daily Show’ and a masculine version of ‘The View‘, Rick and Abe will read between the lines of the vital issues of the day, hold them up to the light, and tell it as it really is – showing that not every issue is simply a matter of black and white.