Scots In America

Since the earliest days of our nations history the Scots have not only played a major role in it’s evolution but have led America down paths almost too numerous to count. Nevertheless in this one hour documentary we will tell the story of how Founding Fathers such as Alexander Hamilton & Patrick Henry laid the groundwork for explorers like Daniel Boone & Davey Crockett, all proud Scots. We will examine the contributions made by US Presidents including Ulysses S. Grant, Andrew Jackson & Woodrow Wilson our 28th President who famously said “Every line of strength in American History is colored with Scottish blood.”

Scottish industrialists like Andrew Carnegie & Phillip Armour were as important as Generals Douglas MacArthur & George Patton in building America into the nation of today.Yet it is also the less or even unknown men and women of Scottish descent who have worked hard and contributed much even to the point of giving their lives to sustain the great melting pot that is America. The “Scots in America” will begin in the earliest days of our great land using archival photos & fascinating live interviews to weave through the tapestry of rapid changes that often accompanied the occasionally painful yet exciting growth of our country. We will conclude having arrived in the twenty first century and speculate on what new successes and adventures await America through it’s Scottish influences. One of our guides along the way will be the charming & eloquent Scotsman Gus Noble current President of The Illinois St. Andrews Society which lies at the the very heart of Scottish cultural life in the US.