The Klairmont Kollection

Larry Klairmont lied to join the Marines at age 16. Wounded twice, he eventually became a highly decorated veteran of WWII. Larry needed a way to support a young wife and a growing family after coming out of the military, and with little money he managed to open a small dry cleaner that eventually became one of the largest & most successful chains in Chicago. He began investing in Real Estate, achieving an even higher level of financial success, but it wasn’t enough. Always intrigued by Classic Cars, Larry began collecting them and today owns hundreds, making The Klairmont Kollection one of America’s premier private Classic Auto assemblages.

The likes of Jay Leno & Mario Andretti have discussed the “Classic Car” world with Larry, now a widower at age 88. Larry, who shows no signs of slowing down, and his widowed fianc√©, Joyce Oberlander, have teamed up to make The Klairmont Kollection a place where cars, once used by movie stars and US Presidents,’ can now be found in pristine condition on Chicago’s NW Side. This feature takes a look at an American success story who has transitioned from war hero, to brilliant businessman, to a purveyor & protector of Auto heritage.