The 3H Club

The 3H Club, a one hour documentary will expand upon the original Gracie Award winning Hunger Heroes by focusing on the difficult choices many Americans face when deciding how to address their Housing,Health and Hunger needs. Hunger will still be our primary focus as we revive the discussion on this easily misunderstood and often overlooked problem while presenting innovative proposals for a solution.

The existence of sustained hunger is a damning critique of any society. Hunger impacts the most vulnerable – children, the elderly, low-income families – but the repercussions affect us all. Studies have shown the U.S. wastes 40 to 50 percent of its food, yet an estimated 30 million people in the U.S. are at risk of hunger every day. It has been proven that children who are malnourished in infancy will most likely suffer throughout life and potentially be a drain on society as a result, yet statistically every 4th person in line at a soup kitchen is a child. It doesn’t, and shouldn’t, have to be like this.

The 3H Club will visit select regions of the US to give voice to those battling against hunger while also facing the related issues of health and housing that exacerbate hunger in America. Focusing upon varied components of the issue, such as disaster relief and preparedness, we will explore the latest strategies on how to combat hunger, irrespective of the location. In creating the documentary and through an interactive multimedia program, we will collaborate with the staff of the nation’s most influential food banks and anti-hunger organizations, as well as the academics, policy advocates, logistics experts, volunteers and journalists who are leading award-winning programs and research.

The hunger heroes themselves will carry the story, while poignant images and groundbreaking interviews relate the current state of hunger in America, leading to a passionate call to arms on implementing civic engagement solutions for tomorrow. Our aim is not only to raise awareness and educate viewers, but to inspire – giving them the knowledge and tools with which they can help make a difference, and promoting lasting debate and positive action.